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​Διαδικτυακό Συνέδριο: Teaching Leaders and Leadership Through Classics

ΘΕΜΑ: ​Διαδικτυακό Συνέδριο: Teaching Leaders and Leadership Through Classics

ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΕΑΣ: Γιώργος Μοτάκης




Διαδικτυακό ΣυνέδριοTeaching Leaders and Leadership Through Classics




This conference explores how the study of classical antiquity has been, can be, and should be used as a platform for leadership education in the 21st century.  The primary texts and artifacts we study are often about, for, or by the leaders of their times; they then were, and still are, received, adapted, and used by people of later eras in developing new leaders. Our discipline’s emphasis on textual and visual analysis, narrative, and cultural history aids students in developing the skills of empathy, contextual intelligence, and critical thinking that are the most essential for the success of leaders in any field. As universities place greater and greater emphasis on their mission to develop students as future leaders, the field of Classics can become central to the study of leadership and the education of leaders.