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2018 BIT Scholarship Proposal for University of Crete 希腊克里特大学

ΘΕΜΑ:  2018 BIT Scholarship Proposal for University of Crete 希腊克里特大学

ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΕΑΣ: Ειρήνη Θυμιατζή-Eirini Thymiatzi [mailto:thymiate@xxxxxx]


Δείτε τα συνημμένα αρχεία που βρίσκονται στις παρακάτω υπερ-συνδέσεις :









Greetings from Beijing Institute of Technology

Beijing Institute of Technology is a top university in science and technology in China. We now offer a comprehensive course system in the areas of science and technology as well as management and humanities to degree-seeking students, exchange students and short-term program students across the globe. We also established a complete and powerful scholarship system to support foreign students to study in BIT.

In order to promote international partnership and promote our programs, we’d like to provide the following scholarship to your students.

1.      For degree-seeking programs, we provide the CSC (China Scholarship Council) Scholarship for 5 master and PhD candidates from your prestigious university. This is a full scholarship for foreign students.

2.      For exchange programs, we offer the BIT Exchange Scholarship to 5-10 exchange students at all levels from your university to study in BIT for one or two semesters for the academic year 2018-2019.

3.      For the 4-Week Short-term Program, they are designed for all levels international students who are interested in intensive Chinese language studies, science and engineering, and culture exchanges.

Please refer to Attachment I for the details on the coverage and contacts of the above-mentioned scholarship programs.

For the Attachment I I, please go to http://isc.bit.edu.cn/show.aspx?id=788&cid=40

We look forward to welcoming your students to our university in 2018!

Best regards,

XUE Bingchen (Chelsea)

Office of International Students of Beijing Institute of Technology



Ms. XUE Bingchen ( Chelsea )

Coordinator of Exchange Program

Office of International Students & Exchange Student Office for HK, Macao and Taiwan

Beijing Institute of Technology

Office Website: http://isc.bit.edu.cn

Tel.: +86 10 6891-8541



留学生中心 & 港澳台交换学生中心

中心网址 : http://isc.bit.edu.cn

电话: +86 10 6891-8541