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Grupo de Investigación HHR

Dear colleagues,
An Invitation for Historians from the "Grupo de Investigación HHR"

The ARYS association has established an international award called the ARYS “Fernando Gascó” award for research into ancient religions and societies.

It is a biennial prize of €1000 for original research works. The work awarded the award will be published in the year following the award decision in the series of books published by ARYS: Antiquity, Religion and Societies, with ISSN 1575-166X. Authors will not receive royalties for the first 1000 copies but they are recognized as owning the copyright of the work. If the work is published in subsequent editions, the authors should state that the work was the recipient of the ARYS “Fernando Gascó” prize, and cite the fact of its publication and its year of publication. Furthermore, the ARYS Association reserves the right to offer to publish the works of the finalists for the award in the same series. All authors of any nationality may participate with works written in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian or Portuguese. Original manuscripts should address the essential themes of the Association, the religions and societies of the ancient world, must be previously unpublished, and not have been awarded any previous prize or submitted to any other competition involving a commitment to publish the winning work, nor be subject to any other similar commitment. The applicant agrees to publish the work in ARYS if it is awarded the prize. Original manuscripts, not to exceed 400 pages excluding images, should be typewritten at a space and a half, on DINA-4 or folio, in 12 pt Times New Roman or similar normal font, must be legible, and the default pre-established margins must be used. Notes should go at the foot of the page, in 10 pt. A printed copy must be presented along with an electronic version (CD, DVD or USB). Manuscripts must be presented by 14:00 hours on the 30th September 2018 in the “Instituto de Historiografía de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid”, addressed to “Grupo de Investigación Historiografía e Historia de las Religiones”, mentioning the award. Works must be identified with the name of the author, catchphrase or pseudonym, which should also figure in the same way on the outside of an attached sealed envelope containing the personal and contact information of the author, a short biography and a summarized CV. A reading committee of qualified experts designated by the leadership of the ARYS Association will be in charge of determining the three original manuscripts to be included in the short list of the award and of sending them to the members of the Jury.
The Jury will comprise 3 qualified specialists, as follows:
- One member of the Board of Directors of the ARYS Association, who will act as Secretary. - One member of the Editorial Board or the Scientific Committee of the ARYS journal who will be a Member. - A specialist of recognized prestige from a Spanish or foreign University not represented by the other members of the jury, who will act as Chair. The Jury’s decision shall take place before 13th December and it shall be made public during the Ordinary General Assembly of the ARYS Association in 13th-14th December. After the Prize has been awarded, the Secretary of the Jury shall open the sealed envelope corresponding to the winner.
The Award can be declared void but cannot be divided up.
Once the prize has been awarded, the other contestants can collect their original manuscripts from the same address they were sent to, either in person or by means of another duly authorized person, agency or representative, within the three months following the awarding of the Prize. The ARYS Association will not return manuscripts by post. Participation in the award competition entails the acceptance of these norms. In matters not specified within them the Jury’s criteria shall be followed, and their decisions are not open to appeal.

All correspondence relating to this competition should be addressed to:
Grupo de Investigación HHR,
Instituto de Historiografía “Julio Caro Baroja”,
Edificio 14,
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid,
C/ Madrid, 126,
28903 Getafe (Madrid, Spain)
e-mail: jrcarbo@xxxxxxxx

dr. Valentino Gasparini

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Facultad de Humanidades, Comunicación y Documentación
Departamento de Humanidades: Historia, Geografía y Arte
Despacho 14.2.32
Calle Madrid, 126
28903 Getafe (Madrid, España)
Tel.: +34-653-570238
E-mail: vgaspari@xxxxxxxxxxx

Web-site: https://uc3m.academia.edu/ValentinoGasparini

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