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Fwd: The University of Rouen Normandie, France is looking for new partner for its Engineering School!

Kindly sent by the University of Rouen:

Dear colleagues and partners,

_The University of Rouen Normandie, France is looking for new partner for its Engineering School ESITech._

*The school *

ESITech or Engineering School for Innovative Technologies, trains general engineers with two possible majors: Physical Engineering and Biological Engineering.

The school belongs to the University of Rouen Normandie, which is a member of Normandie University (~70000 students). It is located in Normandy at the south of the Rouen agglomeration, at 1h10 north-west of Paris by train. It benefits from a specially favorable environment:innovative companies, technological transfer centres and high education institutions (faculty of sciences, INSA Rouen, for example).

The school has been created in 2014, in partnership with another engineering school (INSA Rouen Normandie). A convention has been signed between the two institutions. Since 2015, ESITech belongs to the 'INSA group', which brings together 14 French engineering schools (~2300 graduated engineers per year).

*What we offer *

The ESITech is providing courses in English in Physical Engineering and Biological Engineering.

The International Relations and Cooperation Office provides French courses (From A1 to B2 / 2 credits per semester) and exchange students can register free to one per semester.

Our agreement with the students' residences allows us to host most of our exchange students at a reasonable price for France (around 300 euros/month). We also offer to the international student services such as sport (with a wide offer), cultural activities, medicine services…

Several students’ associations at University or Faculty level organize activities although the year. The town of Rouen, a city with a rich medieval and rebirth in heritage, is located about 100 km from Paris and is well connected with the capital. The University of Rouen Normandy has been legally established in 1966 by merging several faculties, schools and institute in Rouen, the oldest one being the Medical School dating of the early 17th century. It has several campuses throughout the city and in some cities in the province.

*What we are looking for*

We are looking for developing new partnership for our Engineering School ESITech and _more particularly for student exchange during the second semester of the academic year._

You will find enclosed:

-- The presentation of the school

-- The academic offer of the school

Should you need any additional information, do not hesitate to contact me.

With my best regards,


Responsable des Partenariats Internationaux et Internationalisation des Formations
/International Partnerships and Internationalisation of Study Programmes Manager/

Direction des Relations Internationales et de la coopération
/International Relations and Cooperation Office


24 bis Rue Jacques Boutrolle d'Estaimbuc
Tél: +33 (0)

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