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Second Scientific Conference PANACEA

ΘΕΜΑ: Second Scientific Conference PANACEA

ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΕΑΣ: Shore Shadman <shadman@xxxxxx>




Dear Colleagues,

The Second Scientific Conference PANACEA on ‘Atmospheric Composition and Climate Change’ (web conferencing) is organized in the frame of the Greek infrastructure PANhellenic infrastructure for Atmospheric Composition and climatE chAnge (PANACEA) from 28th of September to 2nd of October 2020.

PANACEA is the only integrated Research Infrastructure (RI) for atmospheric composition and climate change in Greece (http://panacea-ri.gr).

We are glad to invite you to participate to this Conference.

Abstract submission deadline is 7th of August 2020. Please follow the guidelines for the submission of your abstract on this page:


Registration is required for logistics but is free of charges. To register send your name, title, function, Institute and days of participation by e-mail to panacea@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in a separate e-mail with the title ‘REGISTRATION’.

We are looking forward to your participation and contribution to this Second Scientific Conference PANACEA.

Sincerely yours

On behalf of the Organizing Committee