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Apply for Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree in Aquaculture, Environment and Society_ACES STAR

ΘΕΜΑ:  Apply for Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree in Aquaculture, Environment and Society_ACES STAR

ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΕΑΣ: Sofia Kyriakidi <kyriakidi@xxxxxx>


Δείτε τα συνημμένα αρχεία που βρίσκονται στις παρακάτω υπερ-συνδέσεις :












Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree in Aquaculture, Environment and Society

Join Europe’s Top-Rated Erasmus Mundus Joint Aquaculture Master’s Degree:


How to Apply!


ACES-STAR is two-year programme studying in three centres of European excellence in aquaculture research; Scotland, Greece-Crete and France. Gain practical and theoretical skills needed for a successful career in aquaculture through industry-led research programmes, internships and fieldwork.

The course includes three six-month semesters at the Scottish Association for Marine Science (UHI), University of Crete and Nantes University followed by a six-month dissertation with an affiliated partner of your choice. In semester two, students have a choice of three-month industry placements too.


We are now recruiting our next intake of Erasmus Mundus students.  If you wish to apply for a place on the EMJMD ACES+ for this intake starting in late August 2024 you have to complete an online application form AND submit a completed application pack which will include relevant supporting documents. Please see more at: https://www.emm-aces.org/apply/


ACES-STAR offers scholarships that are funded by the EACEA of the European Union and will meet the cost of tuition fees, insurance and provide 1,400 Euros per month to successful applicants, which will contribute towards travel, relocation and daily living expenses. Please note: Erasmus Mundus scholarships are subject to availability. For more information please email aces@xxxxxxxxxx

We are also able to offer additional places on the course with tuition fees waived and full insurance cover for the duration of the programme, thanks to Erasmus Mundus funding.

Students who are awarded a partial scholarship will have the option to defer their place for 12 months, in order to make their financial arrangements.

We are also accepting applications from applicants who are able to self-fund their studies. The cost of tuition fees per academic year is €5000 for international/non-EU students and €2500 for EU/UK students.

For more information, please contact us, at ACES@xxxxxxxxxx

The closing date for applications is 4 February 2024.

See more at: https://www.emm-aces.org/