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5th International Conference on Environmental Design and Health (ICED2024), 18-20 October 2024, Athens, Greece and virtual

ΘΕΜΑ: 5th International Conference on Environmental Design and Health (ICED2024), 18-20 October 2024, Athens, Greece and virtual

ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΕΑΣ: Ειρήνη Θυμιατζή-Eirini Thymiatzi thymiate@xxxxxx


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Dear Colleague,

We invite you to submit your work to the 5th International Conference on Environmental Design and Health (ICED2024), 18-20 October 2024, Athens, Greece and Virtual (https://iced.eap.gr/)

Please submit your contribution before 21 April 2024. ICED2024 will take place in a face-to-face meeting in Athens and also virtual.

The conference will combine the most recent scientific developments in Environmental Design (Sustainability / Pollution / Energy / Cities-Buildings / Transportation / Erosion / Climate Change / Policy / Social Acceptance / Health Issues). Due to the many demands for health issues, the “Health” is added in the title of the Conference. ICED2024 will provide a unique opportunity for experts to interact and to apply their knowledge and latest research findings to the design and developments of environmental processes and also to discuss health issues.



Conference TIMELINE

1.        Deadline for the submissions of 1 page abstract: 21 April 2024

2.        Notification of abstracts acceptance: After 30 April 2024

3.        Deadline for the submission of full papers (5-8 pages for regular papers, 30 pages for extensive reviews) or 1 page poster: 26 May 2024

4.        Deadline for the submission of revised full papers or posters: 16 June 2024

5.        Notification of papers or posters acceptance: after 23 June 2024

6.        Deadline for registrations: for the authors of papers and posters: 7 July 2024

7.        Deadline for registrations: for the other participants: 14 July 2024

8.        Conference: 18-20 October 2024


The conference will discuss the recent progress in the areas of:

1.        Sustainability

2.        Pollution – Pollution Control (outdoor and indoor air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, noise and light pollution)

3.        Analysis of Pollutants

4.        Environmental Impact Studies

5.        Circular Economy

6.        Energy Sustainability, Environmental Impacts of Energy (RES/Fossil Fuels/Nuclear)

7.        Sustainable Mobility, Impacts of Transportation on the Environment

8.        Environmental Design of Buildings and Cities

9.        Erosion, Protection of Specific Zones (Coastal Zone, Mountains,…), Geotechnical Projects

10.    Climate Change, Meteorology, Mitigation of Greenhouse Gas, Adaptation and Impacts of Climate Change

11.    Effects of Pollution, Climate Change and Environmental Parameters on Human Health and Ecosystems

12.    Economic, Historical, Legal, Social and Political Issues of Energy and Environment, Political Ecology

13.    Environmental Education

14.    Environmental Policy

15.    Social Acceptance of Environmental Problems

16.    Theoretical Design Issues / Impacts of Environmental Design

17.    Health Impacts, Health Issues


The Conference Proceedings will be published in a Scopus-indexed Conference Series.


Athens, is a unique city combing History with Modernism, Culture with Everyday Life, Sea with Mountain, Mediterranean with Ethnic food, Day with Night Life, Shopping with Strolling, Sports with Leisure, and many more.



We are looking forward to receive your abstract. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us

Best regards,

The Organizing Committee

5th International Conference on Environmental Design and Health (ICED2024)

E-mail: iced@xxxxxx


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